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This page is basically Links.  There's some pages on the internet that I think are worth visiting, other than mine.

If you haven't already, I STRONGLY urge you to take a look at this link.  Normally, I don't promote fighting other than in a boxing or wrestling ring, but this is about midis, something we're all concerned about.
We gotta fight the man, to keep our midi files free!!

If you like the background you see here and almost all over the site, this is the place you need to go.

Wanna hear some groovy music?  Check this out.

   Pac Man

These sites here are a must see for the kids who grew up with Popples, Care Bears, GI Joe, Lite Brite, and all other 80's stuff.  (I had a popple.  It was the purple one with the pink fuzzy thing at the end of it's tail.  It was the HARDEST thing to get in that pouch.)  Anyway, they've got so much cool stuff, you gotta see it to believe it.  These pages may not be the ones about popples and all that, but there's one out there and I will find it.  If not, I will make one.  :)

Ever wondered what would happen if you put a frog in a blender?  Or how about a gerbil in a microwave? These questions and other gross creative things happen at

Remember those songs and cartoons that taught us stuff so we were smarter?  Me neither.  So, I suggest we all take an educational field trip to this little place right here.  (I need a refresher course on my multiplication tables anyway)

Ever wonder how people cope with stress?  Especially about stuff they really don't understand?  Especially about ELECTRICAL stuff they don't understand?  Like, the stuff you're using right now?  This would be an enlightening site for you then.  (If you just want to hear a bunch of people scream, it's good for that too.)  All the calls are real too.  It's like COPS, with no cops.
WARNING:  This site DOES contain some wordy durds.

(This is the only half-way decent lookin' kind of link picture I could find in 2 seconds)
If you love Joe Bob Briggs, raise your hand!!
Now, put that hand down, put it on your mouse and click the graphic above.
If ordinary Monstervision wasn't enough, Joe Bob Briggs is teaching a Summer School class during his time on tv.  If you graduate from Joe Bob's Summer School, you'll receive a diploma and 1 credit that can be used at some junior college in New Mexico or Arizona or something.

More links will be added as I find nifty stuff that I wouldn't mind having attached to my name.

Send all thoughts, comments, suggestions, law suits, and other stuff to  (I haven't received an email since... ever...)